Spencer Sledge

Spencer Sledge, born and raised in Midland, TX watching his grandfather, mother, father, and extended family all start and operate their own successful businesses. After graduating Texas Tech, Spencer moved to Houston to pursue a project management role in oil and gas equipment manufacturing and marry his wife, Kelsey. After not finding a passion in oil and gas, Spencer reached out to his uncle, Gordon Boyle. Gordon was a retired, highly respected builder in the Houston area, and former president of the South Houston Builders Association (no longer operating).

Shortly after their first conversation, Spencer took a job with a builder. He spent the first 6 weeks learning through a corporate training seminar for construction managers. Six months later, he was promoted to manage his own community and spent 2+ years building 75+ homes throughout suburbs just South of the City of Houston.

In 2017 Spencer joined a Custom Home Builder as their construction manager in the Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, and The Heights where he built 13 homes in his first 2.5 years. He was then offered to expand his managing position to include the Memorial Villages where he began building high-end custom homes. During this time, he also managed, planned, budgeted, and executed each project from start to finish.

After years in the building industry, Spencer made his dream of starting his own custom home building company a reality in June of 2022 with his wife Kelsey handling the real estate and design aspects of each home. Though primarily focused on new construction, the Sledge’s will also work on remodel or commercial projects as well. Through his years in the building industry, Spencer learned the importance of attention to detail while mastering the art of problem solving and adjusting on the fly when necessary.

Sledge custom homes strived to provide the highest quality products with the best contractors, and provide everyone involved in their projects with clarity, trustworthiness, and well protected investment in their home or project.